Small business owners often feel overwhelmed to begin with, so when presented with the idea of adding recurring marketing activities to their plate such as blogging or email marketing… their brains tend to just shut down.

Believe me small business owners… I understand. But if I could convince you to simply add this one thing to your monthly marketing plate, I guarantee you won’t regret it. I promise to make it as simple and manageable as possible

The following has been my advice when asked, by non-profits or small businesses that can not afford our services, for what they could be doing on their own to help grow their businesses.


Small Marketing Budget

I’m talking to small business owners with a Minimum Viable Marketing Plan that involves Inbound Marketing and a small budget, like The American Dream and The Genius Type in our 7 Core Marketing Strategies. (Find out which strategy fits your business in 5 minutes here).

Sure, I’d prefer to see you running with a more comprehensive strategy that includes creating original content with strategic calls-to-action into a well thought-out content funnel… but if the thought of that is paralyzing you… at least do this!


The one thing…

Allright, here it is… wait for it…

Once a month, I want you to create a simple digital company newsletter and distribute it to your email list, social media following, and your blog.

Wait! Come back!

Don’t panic… Remember I said I’d make it manageable?

Don’t let perfectionism paralyze you… you don’t need fancy graphic design and in-depth articles… Start with the low hanging fruit like pictures from events, or your office, and links to articles in your industry. You can always expand later. Besides, in this age of short attention spans… less is more.

Remember, the idea of this bare-bones marketing plan is not to overwhelm people with amazing content… it’s simply to remind them that you’re still there… to keep you on their mind so that you’re there when their buying window opens.

You see, part of the power of a recurring content marketing strategy is that you’re always in front of your customers so you’re hard to forget… and this principle applies whether the content is long or short-form.


Keep It Simple

Don’t get hung up on design. Simple is good. Mobile devices require simple design anyway. Just add a few headlines, photos & links to a white background and you’re good to go. All you need is an email list and an inexpensive email service like AWeber, or MailChimp.

Once you’ve created the email, hit send and cut and paste it to your social media sites and blog (if you have one).


Congratulations, you’re a content marketer.


Here are a few ideas on how to gather enough content for a newsletter:

  1. Pictures from the month with a 1-line caption
  2. Event/working photos
  3. Happy customers
  4. Quick tips & tricks
  5. Links to articles of interest to your customers
  6. A quick market analysis from your spokesperson



  1. AWeber
  2. Constant Contact
  3. MailChimp


As you move through the month and notice photos, articles, or ideas that would be good for the newsletter, simply file them away. Once a month, sit down for no more than 1 hour to assemble and distribute the newsletter.

Remember, this is an absolute bare-bones content marketing strategy for small businesses with extremely limited time and money. If your minimum Viable Marketing Plan (MVMP) is anything other than The Genius Type or The American Dream, I’m not letting you off the hook so easily.

To find out which of the 7 Core Marketing Strategies of Effective Entrepreneurs is a fit for your business in 5 minutes or less, click here.