Brian’s guest on Episode 7 is Dusty Reynolds, Team Manager and Co-Founder of RaceNote, a motorsport management platform.  RaceNote’s product is software that collects and organizes data and helps analyze the information, such as weather, lap times, track temperature, etc.  To learn more about , click here.

Our topic of the week is guerrilla marketing / growth hacking. Back in the 80’s the term was used a lot, basically meaning using unconventional methods to get attention to your business.  Today, people try to create viral content online.  Guerrilla marketing has its share of pros and cons. Pros being that it has the potential for a lot of bang for your buck.  Cons: its very risky and failure rate is high.  You can read more about it here.

A few key takeaways from Brian & Dusty’s conversation:

• Don’t assume the end user is your customer
• Pay attention to your inquiries and adjust the sales process accordingly
• Use unconventional ways to get the attention of your customer
• and more…

To connect with Dusty on LinkedIn, click here.