Brian’s guest on Episode 6 is Scott Rutz, Marketing and Sales at Travefy– a Saas platform catering to travel agents or travel companies can use to collaborate with other travel professionals and their customers.  To learn more about Travefy click on this link.

Our topic of the week is experimental marketing budgets.  Marketing budgets are a mix of art and science.  Most marketing professionals like to be creative and try new campaigns.  Founders and investors like a predictable return on investment.  A good balance would be 70% of the budget in predictable marketing returns.  30% should be experimental to see if there is a better campaign.   You can read more about it here.

Brian & Scott discuss marketing and sales experience, including the following topics:

  • Marketing vs sales
  • How to balance a daily schedule while wearing many hats
  • Building relationships to increase business development
  • and more

To learn more about Sales Acceleration Formula by Mark Roberge, click here.