This Week Guest: Ryan Pendell form Silicon Prairie News

Silicon Prairie News, or SPN, is an online news site featuring tech start ups in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri.

The term Silicon Prairie is not new.  It actually started in the early 90s with Gateway Computers in Sioux City, Iowa. Because of the lack of self promotion, people think this is a new phenomenon in the Midwest.

The intent of this online publication is to get attention to the tech startup scene that is alive and well in America’s heartland.

This Week’s Topic: Blogging

Blogging should have consistency and good structure. Understand your audience and deliver appropriate content.

Here are some tips from Ryan if you’re starting a blog:

  • Depending on your audience, the length of your blog posts may vary.
  • Try to keep your content scheduling consistent.
  • If you do enough preparation for your article, you will cut down the time spent on editing.
  • Quality is much better than quantity. You will get more traffic from quality articles vs the frequency of publishing.
  • Come up with a template for structuring your articles.
  • Go to YouTube and find a 5 minute video on a topic you know about, embed the video, and write a few paragraphs on the topic.

Ryan Pendell is the managing editor at Silicon Prairie News.