The topic of the week is lead source attribution.  Lead source attribution is the ability to match every dollar of revenue earned to dollars and time spent on advertising.

At its most basic, it’s asking your customers, “How did you hear about us?” At its most sophisticated, it’s a detailed analytics system calculating your return on investment and cost per conversion at every stage of your revenue funnel, for every lead source and campaign.

Basic or sophisticated, the most important thing is to have some system in place before you spend time or money on traffic generation.

This week’s guest is Shawn McGuire, Sales Manager / Broker of Celebrity Homes, “Omaha’s Leading New Home Builder.”  Shawn’s responsibilities at Celebrity Homes include:

  • Managing Sales Systems
  • Managing Training Sales Agents
  • Managing Brokerage
  • Marketing and Advertising

The target market for Celebrity Homes includes first time home buyers, buyers looking to increase square footage or customize their home, and people wanting to enjoy amenities like lawn maintenance and snow removal.  They consider their main competitor the used home market instead of other home builders in the area.

Celebrity Homes works hard at brand-building starting years before people are looking for a home.  This way, when people are ready to buy, they’re already familiar with the name. They come visit model homes, and cut the sales cycle down to just a matter of weeks due to brand recognition.

Offline marketing strategies Shawn uses include:

  • radio ads
  • newspaper ads
  • billboard advertising
  • postcards

He also trains his sales staff on the “Sweet 16.” In the Sweet 16 program, Celebrity Homes Realtors reach out verbally to 16 realtors each month, building relationships.

Shawn focuses his sales training on information on the product, information on tools available to the buyer, being enthusiastic, and salesmanship. Good sales people need a strong work ethic, so Shawn brings in motivational speakers to encourage his sales staff. The most successful people in his sales staff are consistent and likable.

Online marketing strategies Celebrity Homes uses include:

  • posting information on their website
  • email marketing
  • advertising on other websites

Lead attribution strategies Shawn uses include

  • google analytics
  • surveys
  • in-person registrations

The information is put into the CRM and sales agents are able to follow up from there.

To learn more about Shawn and Celebrity Homes, click here.